A World of Mind’s Creation

posted by Jonathan Frei On Friday, October 23, 2009
(The following is from my 2005 book of poetry, Ordinary Time, which provided the inspiration for the title of this blog. I will be republishing the poems here over the next several weeks in their original order)

A World of Mind’s Creation

A world of mind’s creation stands
unhindered in a darkened sleep,
while night hours fall to morning,
and dawn gives breath to day,
but first, the cloud must hover
upon the veiled mystery of dreams.

A ghost upon the heart endeavors
to consume the free flame’s heat,
now cold, now dead, now still
as brittle ash on a windless morn.

Waking, we find that all is well,
that none of the horrors passed
into the waking hours of day,
that the ghost of sleep now sleeps,
hidden like the stars on a warm afternoon,
and as our eyes open, and as the memories fade,
all seems lost; all the memories fade
back to the mind from where they came…

and as smoke comes off a fire,
as raindrops fall in the sea,
so too do dreams fade and diffuse
and get lost among the mass of memory—
the collective thought, the spirit of the world.
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