Not yet a writer

posted by Jonathan Frei On Saturday, October 24, 2009

I understand I have a lot of work to do to become the writer I want to be. Words and pages are not enough. Although, that would be a good start. No, thoughts and well expressed ideas are what I'm after. I am not sure that I am prepared to think like a writer. I know I don't have the habits developed yet. One step at a time, I know. But I have in mind what I want to be: I want to be able to sit quietly and think to myself about my subject and then open up a blank document and write what I think. 

Right now, I don't think much or write, but I am actively trying to change that. You see, I believe the world's greatest thinkers were skilled writers, and the greatest writers were deep thinkers. It may be a chicken and egg situation, but my plan is to attack both fronts at once to make myself into what I want to be.

Parts of these first few posts are going to come across like pages from a journal, which is not what this site will become. However, I also want my writing to come across naturally, without forcing too much onto the page. And if I'm currently an immature thinker, then that will be what comes out until my mind grows up.

I'll develop a mature voice, I'm sure, as I write more regularly and think more deeply before and during my process. Until then I'll have to put up with the silly kid that thinks he has something to say. My hope, though, is that this site will provide that linear path of a voice maturing. 
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