More of More or More of Less

posted by Jonathan Frei On Wednesday, September 09, 2009
It could very well be that my attempts to do more are misguided. It could, perhaps, be that I need to do less, that I need to empty my life of the clutter so that the really good things can shine through. There is so much noise that I find it hard to think.

This noise is probably my number one impediment to writing. Writing is thinking--recording and organizing thinking. The noise keeps me from thinking. That is what has stopped me. I need to begin eliminating the noise, piece by piece.

This might be a long process. But that's okay. The end results will be worth while. I want to get to the point where I have more things to write about than I have time. Where I can truly devote myself to thought.

Over the weekend, I spent 45 minutes browsing around on the computer. After I was finished, my wife asked me what I learned. Honestly, I couldn't remember a single thing I had looked at. This isn't because I have a poor memory. I actually think I have a very good memory. But when I look without thinking, nothing will stick.

The mind is a fertile place, but if ideas are not given the opportunity to take root, they won't stick. They'll wash away with the first new idea that comes along.

Enjoyment comes from experiencing something fully. Not experienceing lots of things. If I can learn to find the right channels to experience, and block out the noise. I'll be a happier person.

Things I want to experience more fully:


Everything in that list is art. Just in different mediums. Maybe that's the thing. The enjoyment comes in art.

Appreciating art, taking it in slowly and enjoying it fully. This is a difficult thing on the internet. There is so much out there. It need to be slowed down, consumed bite by bite (bit by bit, since I'm on a computer) Slowing down and really observing will be the best way to learn what it is. Now how do I convince my readers to slow down with me and apreciate what I appreciate.

Really, before I can even begin to plan on drawing readers into seeing what I see.

This will take thought, real thought.
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