Controlled Distractions

posted by Jonathan Frei On Wednesday, September 09, 2009

It turns out that I'm easily distracted. I know this because after I wrote the title to this blog, I took a break to check my email and read some other postings. 

Distractions are all around us every day, trying to rob the things we should be focused on of our attention. Distractions may after all be unavoidable. However, they can be managed. 

Controlled distractions sounds like an oxymoron, and it probably is. What I'm speaking of is developing an awareness of the things that distract you and limiting their access to your attention. 

It should be that when once you have started something you should be able to focus your attention on it until the time for that mind task is finished. This does not mean everything must be completed. It just means that there should be a set amount of time spent on one project until the next one is picked up. 

I am not a practitioner of this. 

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