Learning to run

posted by Jonathan Frei On Tuesday, September 29, 2009
Yesterday, I mentioned that I am preparing for a 5k race. I use the word preparing loosely. I have only run three times in the past several weeks. However, I have been gradually ramping up my time and intensity with each successive attempt. On my first outing, I ran 15 minutes, on the second 18, and last night I went a full 20.

The race is on October 8th so I think I'll still be able to fit in a few more runs and work my way up to 30 minutes. I think I should be able to finish the race in that amount of time, even at the slower pace at which I train. Hopefully, with the adrenalin the competition stirs up, my ego (which will do anything to beat out my slower co-workers), and the training I've completed, I'll be able to make a good showing at the race.

I don't consider myself a runner. Since college, I haven't chosen running as a preferred method of exercise. In high school and college I ran regularly, not for it's own sake, but either as conditioning for a sport or in the context of a game. Actually, since the beginning of this year, exercise has not been a high priority, but to a small extent, I'm trying to change that to get in shape and maintain my good health.

Using the Internet as resource number one, I've been able to find an overwhelming resource of ways to get started and develop. However, this really isn't something that I need more information on or to be educated in. Probably all the searching was really just an attempt at avoiding the real work.

Running is just something I need to do: set aside 30 minutes to workout, and then enjoy or endure the pain or the high, and, every time, the sweat. It's really about finding out what works and doing it. Hopefully there is more pain than high, or I may become addicted.
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