posted by Jonathan Frei On Saturday, February 09, 1985
The about me section should be the easiest part to write, but this is a work in progress...

I realize that this is a portion of this blog that will require more self reflection and introspection than much of what I write. I have a story, and here is an opportunity to tell it.

And, like a blog, the most recent stuff will be at the top and I'll work back from there.

Currently, I live in Fort Myers, Florida with my wife Gaby and my baby Matthew. I work for a web marketing company selling advertising and lead generation programs. 

Writing for me has been a long time love, but only a recently discovered passion. I started this blog in August of 2009, without a clear picture of what I wanted to accomplish with it. However, it provided the outlet I wanted for writing. 

Prior to living in Fort Myers, I lived just with my wife in Steubenville, Ohio where I worked in public recreation and attended graduate school in the evenings.